Happy holidays everyone,
While putting up the Christmas decorations this year I asked myself…
How does the rest of the world celebrate the holiday season?
For me its a season for hope, joy, acceptance, celebrating old traditions, starting new ones.
A time of tolerance and forgiveness. A time for generosity.. passing
it forward. Remembering those that have passed and celebrating the joyous memories that we had with them.
A time for love and enjoying the company of our families and friends.
Christmas can be a time for learning as well… never be resistant to knowing why your neighbor doesn’t put up a tree…. why don’t they eat the same food as we do during holiday…
Why do they celebrate for 8 days , where did the tradition of the feast 7 fishes come from….
I grew up in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, a very culturally diverse area .
Living in Bensonhurst afforded me the opportunity to learn about, enjoy,
respect and share in many holiday traditions that were not my own.
This season we can all use a bit of happiness. So celebrate with an open mind and heart. Be safe and healthy.
Best wishes for a better new year……..
Toni Basso
Here is a web site that I found very interesting… it has many interesting facts about Christmas traditions around the world and how they were started.